Dealing with Adult Acne

Dealing with Adult Acne

Acne is a skin condition we associate with teenage years. Along with the angst of finding your way from childhood to adulthood, along comes painful, pus-filled spots to ruin your teenage years.

As we stand on the threshold of adulthood, we assume that we have left acne and teenage awkwardness behind, only to find that there are other issues in adulthood for us to deal with – and adult acne is one of them.

The Causes of Adult Acne

There are many reasons why breakouts are not confined to teenage years. If you suffered from acne as a teenager, the likelihood is you have oily skin prone to occasional outbreaks of spots.

But say dermatologists, adult acne is becoming more common and one that men and women are facing.

Understanding what could be causing these complexion woes is one way of determining the best course of action.

#1 Hormones

Fluctuations in hormones is one driving force of adult acne, specifically male hormones such as testosterone. A surge and imbalance of males hormones is the cause of the deep and painful cystic acne that forms around the chin, neck and back.

#2 Stress

We live increasingly busy lives and if that isn’t stressful enough, outbreaks of oily spots on our skin adds to it. But it is a vicious circle as leading dermatologists believe that stress is an influential driving force behind acne.

#3 Pollution

Air-borne pollution simply ‘lays’ on the face which doesn’t help your skin or pores to breathe. If you live in the city, as soon as you arrive home, dermatologists suggest wiping a toner pad or face wipe across your face to remove unseen detritus.

#4 The wrong products

You may have used the same brand of face wash for years but that doesn’t mean it is the right one. Opt for products that are labelled ‘oil-free’ or water based as these will not mean you are slathering on extra layers of soil to clog your pores and make matters worse.

#5 Your daily cleansing routine is too intense and vigorous

There is nothing quite like the feeling of squeaky clean skin but if you are prone to outbreaks, this regime could be making your adult acne worse. Being over vigorous with products that are too harsh dries out the skin and stimulates your pores to produce more oil.

#6 Certain foods… maybe

The evidence on this is rather haphazard with some people saying that yes, certain foods do contribute to their acne outbreaks. And ‘the science’ says otherwise. Or agrees. But then disagrees.

Dermatologists say that the answer is simple – if YOU notice that eating certain foods appears to coincide with an outbreak of spots, then don’t eat it or cut down on it.  So yes, chocolate could cause you to have an outbreak but science may say there is no link…

#7 Sugar

Sugar raises your insulin levels and, as we all know, insulin is a hormone. But what you may not know is that insulin boosts male hormones that we know is responsible for adult and teenage acne. Stick to low-sugar foods and watch your intake of sugar as a whole. Your skin will thank you for it, as will your teeth and overall health!

Treatment for Adult Acne

There are all kinds of products and treatments, all of which profess to have the abilities to deal with acne.

One type of treatment that produces promising results is Intense Pulse Light Therapy (IPL) or photofacial.

The process uses light to target the bacteria which when combined with excess sebum, causes acne breakouts. The photofacial destroys the most common acne-causing bacteria, helping to eliminate current and future acne breakouts.

As well as targeting acne, the process also helps to smooth out the skin restoring and can also reduce blemishes.

And for those people conscious of acne scars, caused by the skin not shedding properly due to sebum and bacteria in pores, there is also acne scar treatment. Using another form of intense light therapy, it reduces scarring.

These treatments are available here at ImageWorks. The best results are obtained after a series of treatments which is why we offer treatment packages to help you wave goodbye to acne and say hello to beautiful skin.

Cost effective and with solutions to suit all skin types, call our expert team today to book a consultation.

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