The Power Facial

The Power Facial

As the countdown to Valentine’s Day approaches, you may be hoping for chocolate as a sweet treat from your boo – but did you also know it could be a sweet treat for your skin? Recent, scientific research has shown that eating cherries and dark chocolate can have many internal health benefits. Benefits include your heart, blood pressure, and help with mood stabilization (this explains so many things to me haha chocolate fixes everything!), and so it should be no surprise to learn that cherries and dark chocolate can positively affect your skin too. Now add these two superfoods together… and a new trend starts taking the health and beauty world by force, because cherries and cocoa are both chock-full of minerals and nutrients that help hydrate, tone, and nourish your skin.

What are free radicals and where do they come from?

Without taking you back to chem class, lets just say that everything in the world is made of molecules and molecules are made up of atoms. A free radical is an atom or a group of atoms that have become unstable and highly reactive because a weak electron bond has been broken. It now has unpaired electrons and becomes a free radical. Based on the free radical theory of aging; when an electron is taken from the skin to complete a free radical bond, it can damage our DNA and actually speed the process of aging. The damage from free radicals can be seen in many ways on the skin such as dark spots, broken vessels, saggy skin or skin with a grey-ish tone and last but certainly not least, the dreaded wrinkle.

Here are the top benefits a Cherries Jubilee and Chocolate Facial provides for your skin:

Antioxidative power…

Cherries and dark chocolate are brimming with free radical fighting antioxidants vitamins. Your answer to free radicals is antioxidants, which both cherries and chocolate are. They’re a bit like a chill pill as they lend the missing electron to the radical preventing from steeling it from the skin which can cause oxidation and result in cell damage, tissue breakdown, and accelerated aging that can become visible your face. A high in antioxidant cherry – chocolate facial can repair skin cell damage and prevent future damage, which keeps your face looking younger and fresher.

Rejuvenating power…

Both cherries and dark chocolate contain vitamins and minerals that help rejuvenate and restore your skins’ barrier function. Vitamins A, B1, C, D, and E, along with iron and calcium, hydrate and moisturize your skin. The enzymes in the nutrients help slough away dead skin cells and leave you with a healthy glow. Copper, zinc, and iron increase oxygen and blood flow to your face, which also protects your skin from tissue damage. Nutrient-rich cocoa soothes dry, rough, and blemished skin, causing your face to looker fresher and brighter. Amazing cherries are known for assisting with lightening dark spots and are a very rich source of anti-oxidants, known as Anthocyanins, which are proven to be cancer-eliminating agents. These help to keep a check on any cancer cells present in the body and stop them from growing uncontrollably. If you suspect you may have a cancerous lesion anywhere on your beautiful body please consult your physician immediately.

Anti-aging power:

A piece of dark chocolate and a bowl of cherries can help reduce feelings of stress, and a facial application of the duo can help reduce physical signs of stress. That is because cocoa can decrease the production of stress hormones, which leads to less collagen breakdown in the skin and cherries are one of the highest fruits in antioxidants; your face will display fewer wrinkles and fine lines, as well as less acne. The skin will look tighter and more toned after being treated with a cherries jubilee and chocolate facial.

Protective power:

Cocoa is also full of flavanols and cherries contain Vitamin C, which both work to protect your skin from sun damage and the impact of harmful UV rays. Not only will applying cherries and dark chocolate directly to your skin help protect your face from sunburn and redness, but the flavanols in cocoa will also help repair existing sun damage and keep your face looking and feeling more hydrated under the sun’s harsh light. Vitamin C is nature’s sunscreen and will also provide a protective barrier.

If the all my scientific ? benefits listed above haven’t convinced you to try a Cherries Jubilee and Chocolate facial treatment, then how about the simple fact that you can lay back on a heated bed for almost an hour in the warm, rich aroma of cherries and chocolate? Click over now to our Promotions page, which offers a wonderful treatment deal this February for a free radical fighting, wrinkle reversing Cherries Jubilee & Chocolate Facial for only $80 for 45 minutes (laser genesis add-ons available for only $40* every 15 minutes!)**. Take the opportunity this month to show your skin some love by showering it with cherries and chocolate. How sweet is that? Gift certificates available.

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