Skin Rejuvenation In Calgary is the Best Gift This Season

Skin Rejuvenation In Calgary is the Best Gift This Season

With most holidays only less than a month away, it’s time to start planning the perfect gift. You don’t need to go to the ends of the earth to find it either! Your perfect present is right here in Calgary!
At ImageWorks Skin & Laser, we think a facial from our staff would be the best gift of all. We have a ton of different facials to fit everyone in your life. Facials make people feel relaxed, confident, and give their skin the cleansing it needs.

Learn about our skin rejuvenation and who it would be perfect for on your list, this holiday.

For Your Mom

Your mom worked hard in her life to take care of you, and she probably still is caring for you in some form. Get her a relaxing and beneficial facial to rejuvenate her skin. One you can try is our Anti-Aging Facial. This facial not only helps the aging process, but it also helps oxygenate, moisturize, and nourish mom’s skin, to give it a beautiful glow. Give your mom the gift she would never expect but would absolutely love!

For Your Boyfriend/Husband

Now ladies, before you totally rule this out, let us speak our peace. Men would never ask for a facial, and we get that. However, they desperately need one! Men’s skin is more oily than women’s, to begin with, due to their higher levels of testosterone. If their skin is not properly cleaned on a regular basis, this causes blackheads and frequent breakouts. No one likes acne.
If they tend to shave often, this is a great way to help them achieve smooth skin, so the shaving process can be much more comfortable. Finally, a facial can tone the muscles in the face. This can help their cheekbones look a bit more chiseled, and what guy doesn’t want that? Get him a gift he won’t plan on, but will be thankful for all the same. Get him our Gentleman’s Facial and he won’t be disappointed.


For Your Wife/Girlfriend

Women love being pampered. To sit back, relax, and to not take care of something or someone, for once, is the dream. If you are trying to find the ultimate gift for your lady, look no further than our skin rejuvenation in facial form. If the woman in your life has never had a facial, you can get her our Signature Facial. This facial is perfect for a newbie and will show off all the benefits of the skin rejuvenation process. This facial is customized to her needs and the aesthetician will discuss skin tips to help maintain a fresh face.
If she has had a go around in the facial world, you can get her our Ultimate Hydration Facial. This skin rejuvenation technique was created with living in Calgary in mind. This facial is great for the high elevation and dryness we experience on a daily basis. This skin treatment will help revitalize the skin by giving it the hydration it needs. Whichever facial you choose, your lady will be impressed with the thoughtful and meaningful gift.
Don’t stress over gifts this holiday season. Skin rejuvenation in facial form is great for anyone you love or care for in Calgary. Set up a consultation for your loved one by contacting us. Call us sooner than later, the holidays creep up quick and you want to be ahead of the game!

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