Spider Veins 101

Spider Veins 101

With Halloween quickly approaching, a bunch of ghouls are coming out. Creepy costumes are great for this time of year but you don’t want to be scared when you look at your veins. ImageWorks Skin & Laser has spider vein therapy treatment to help you keep damaged veins from haunting you.

What are spider veins?

Little, damaged veins that often look like spiderwebs; a mild form of varicose veins. These veins often appear to be blue, red, or purple.

Where do spider veins show up on your body?

They can occur on your legs or face.

Are spider veins painful?

They can cause some discomfort but are usually painless however if you develop a skin ulcer as a result of your spider veins, you might end up getting a soft tissue infection. If a complication arises from your spider veins, you need to seek medical attention.

What can cause spider veins?

• Hereditary traits
• If you sit or stand for a long time, the pressure in your legs increases and spider veins can form
• Sun damage can cause blood vessels to burst, resulting in spider veins
• Minor injuries

What are some symptoms of spider veins?

• Throbbing or cramping in the area where spider veins arise
• Itching in the zone where spider veins pop up
• Swelling in the area affected by spider veins
• Heaviness in your legs
• Restless legs

What can you do to help prevent new spider veins from forming?

• Exercise regularly
• Leg elevation
• Compression stockings can be worn to apply positive pressure on your legs, ensuring blood moves to your heart
• Stop crossing your legs

Do you want to look and feel better? Try laser therapy for your spider veins at ImageWorks Skin & Laser. This kind of treatment will stop spider veins from crawling, making them disappear. After laser therapy, blood flow is once again directed to the veins deep underneath the surface of your skin, where it should be. Be proud to show off your beautiful face and legs to the world.

Treat your spider veins before any complications arise and get back to looking and feeling great! Leave the trick or treating to the little monsters on October 31st.

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