Spring into Smooth Skin

Spring into Smooth Skin

How we think we look impacts our self-esteem. From time to time, we can feel our skin is lacking in vitality and glow. 

It can feel dry in patches, oily in others. Red spots appear from nowhere and exposure to sun, wind, rain, coldness and so on creates sunspots and blemishes that we would rather we didn’t have.

After the cold grey of winter too, our skin is lacklustre and in need of some tender, loving care, as well as plenty of moisture and deep-down care.

With spring having arrived, now is the time to give your skin the care it needs, peeling away the layers of winter gloom and looking forward to summer with revitalised, smooth skin.

Treatments on Offer

There are many facial treatments that you could opt for. Result vary but some treatments do make an enormous and immediate difference to the look and feel of skin. If you are looking for a process that will make a difference, look no further that IPL treatments.

Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) therapy is popular for many reasons: it brings results but without the worry of side effects.

There are various treatments on offer, some of which will deal with specific skin conditions and problem areas;

IPL can help to repair small blood vessels that have become visible, as well as eradicating sunspots and other irregularities

It can also help to eliminate larger pores and deal with acne problems

Flare ups of rosacea can be targeted too, and can diffuse redness in the skin

But IPL is only as good as the equipment delivering the pulses of light, and its application by a qualified skin care professional. Our IPL equipment transmits a long wavelength of light, allowing more control  and improved results, something that is not available as standard in other clinics.

IPL can also be performed alongside additional treatments such as chemical peels, derma-planing and other skincare treatments that leave the skin rejuvenated and feeling soft. 

Qualified Skin care Specialists

However, these benefits are only apparent when the therapy is administered by a qualified and experienced skin care specialist.

Combining treatments is a process that we believe gives the skin all the nourishment and help it needs to remain vital and healthy. 

Available to book only on Treatment Tuesdays throughout June, our monthly promotion, the ‘90 Day Skin Bootcamp’ is ideal in many ways. Over 90 days, your skin will undergo three gentle but effective treatments. 

If you are ready to walk away from the winter blues and spring into summer with fresh and revitalized skin, take a look at our website or contact us now 

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