Manscaping 101

Manscaping 101

The time was that a man who spent too long in the bathroom or took an interest in how he looked would be heaped with scorn and viewed with more than a fair dose of suspicion.

But times have changed and the modern man has long since realized the importance of impeccable grooming habits. But how do you keep yourself looking good?
#1 A regular at the barbers

The rule is simple: if you notice you need a haircut, other people have noticed too. Rather than waiting for your locks to be ‘too’ long for you, book yourself into the barbers and make a regular appointment for every 4 to 5 weeks – and stick to it. At ImageWorks we offer laser hair removal packages for the back of the neckline.

#2 The right products

From hair gel to face wash and moisturizers, the range of products for men has exploded in recent years. At ImageWorks, we sell the professional skincare range BioElements and Serene, formulated to offer hydration to all skin types.

And don’t forget, salon-based beauty treatments are not just for women either. If you have problem skin that would benefit from a photofacial, then go for it!

#3 A signature scent

You may have noticed the larger perfume houses have long created his and her scents. But perfumes and aftershaves are not just for Christmas. The modern man with an impeccable grooming regime will have a signature scent. But change it as the seasons change, opting for woodier scents in the months of autumn and winter, lightning the fragrance in spring and summer.

#4 Get a white smile

There are two things that people notice: your shoes and your teeth. Get with technology, using an electric toothbrush to keep your teeth sparkling between visits to your dentist. And use a mouthwash too!

#5 Keep man-hairs in check

Frankly, a quick trim of your man-hairs help to keep you looking in trim. From eyebrows to protruding nasal hair, there are many razors and trimmers on the market that help you to tame unruly hairs.

And for some men, where their lower half of their facial ends can present an issue for them. Even with a close shave and trimming, their lower neck may still look untidy. More men are seeking professional laser treatment to remove lower ‘beard’ hair that they consider excessive. Safe and with proven results, why not call our team for an idea of how we can help you?

#6 Scrub your face

Dead skin cells coat your face and this leads to your face looking dull and lifeless. Take a browse through the male face wash range for an exfoliating face wash that washes away all the dirt and detritus to reveal shiny, healthy skin beneath. With a touch of moisturizer, your skin will not only look and feel better, it will be in better shape to deal with everything that life throws at it.

But if you skin still feels and looks a lifeless and dull, then the technique known as dermaplaning could be what you are looking for. A highly effective and safe procedure, dermaplaning is an exfoliation procedure that uses a sterile, surgical scalpel to gently ‘shave’ the surface of the skin. Improvements in tone and texture are visible immediately. You even get a barbers wrap at the end of the treatment!

#7 Keep the facial hair tidy

If you choose to wear a beard, mustache, goatee, or any other kind of facial hair, make it part of your weekly routine to keep in check. There are plenty of beard trimming gadgets that make this a two-second job.

#8 Shave like an expert

Yes, we know it is a daily, mundane task and you may not give it much thought of a daily basis, but learning to shave like an expert gives you the close shave look you are probably after. Shaving is abrasive on the skin so use shave oil before you lather up and glide the razor across your skin. Less redness and irritation means a better appearance.

#9 Don’t neglect hand or feet

Your hand and feet go through a lot. Environment and weather, along with a heavy workout at the gym, work and just generally being combine to give you rough feeling hands and feet. And no one wants that. Invest in a good quality hand care cream and keep nails in check too, just like your toe nails. Toenail fungus is a common plight, lasers have proven to kill the fungus and is a quick and painless treatment.

Get Professional Help

Self-confidence and self-esteem issues are not limited to women. Men too get hang-ups about their body, from excessive hair to acne scars that they try to hide. At one time, finding help from beauty salons and therapists would have been nigh on impossible but attitudes have changed.

We offer a range of services and treatments specifically designed for men but, many of your skin care treatments such as laser facial treatments work just as well on male skin as they do for women. Why not contact our friendly team today and make an appointment?

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