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911 Acne Rescue

Every Laser and Light Facial leaves your skin free of dirt, debris. Our skin clinic is results-focused to give you a fast, incredibly effective but most importantly affordable. Your skin will look revitalized the moment you step outside. SPF is your only topical requirement, which we apply after every treatment free of charge. Results-driven clinical treatment has been brought out of the doctor’s office and been made into a simple...
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Ultimate Celebrity

A completely customized and true “self-care” facial experience. After cleansing, a skin reading and an in-depth discussion about skin problem areas and overall goals, we begin with level 1 exfoliation where dead skin cells and pore-clogging sebum is sloughed away with magnesium crystals activated with lactic acid to promote exfoliation and skin renewal. Lactic acid, the most gentle of the AHA’s (alpha-hydroxy acids), gives even the dullest complexion and megawatt...
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This anti-aging and ultra hydrating treatment is all the rave in Hollywood and the beauty industry! Made popular on the red carpet by celebrities like Mandy Moore, The Supernova facial was exclusive only to LA and A-list stars – until now. Our process combines nutrient-rich products and the latest in technology to foster healing and to resurface the skin’s natural state. Starting with a cleanse and enzymatic exfoliation to remove...
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Next Level

With an exciting technique called Dermaplaning, you will notice an improvement in the tone and texture of your skin right away!* Fast, affordable and no downtimes make this the perfect facial treatment. Refresh your appearance of aged, scarred or sun-damaged skin with this exfoliating treatment that helps replenish the top layers of the skin with a method of controlled surgical scraping. Stimulates Skin Cell Production This unique approach removes dead...
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NO NEEDLE FILLERS?  AN AMAZING TREATMENT FOR THE FACE AND NECK… With The SculPLLA+H2 Mask, you get Filler Effects with NO NEEDLES?  So… no pain – no downtime (that’s how I like my treatments!).  This amazing mask drives Poly-L Lactic Acid (the same ingredient used in Sculptra) the skin using encapsulated hydrogen. This star ingredient; the Sculptra injectable puts it in serum form with powerful stem cell extracts and is...
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Photo Rejuvenation Therapy

before (IPL) After (IPL) The Photofacial is a non-invasive, light-based approach used primarily to boost collagen production, reduce the effects of sun damage and pollution, as well as reduce broken capillaries.  Our new Cutera Xeo with LimeLight utilizes next-generation intense pulse light, which is far less painful than older machines.  The procedure can remove sun spots, help manage melasma, and rosacea as well as said in the treatment of mild...
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Laser Vein Removal

Now men and women alike are making unsightly vascular lesions on the face and body a thing of the past. Sclerotherapy is no longer the only option…which means no more painful injections! We offer a safe and effective vascular treatment for superficial face veins and deeper reticular veins while treating all skin types and tones*
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Signature Treatments

Our medical facials are designed to target your skin’s unique needs and to reveal your natural healthy glow. Each treatment is performed by Master Aestheticians in a safe environment. Whether you have pigmentation, dehydrated skin, or acne, we have a customized treatment that delivers your desired outcome. Relax as you enjoy one of our rejuvenating facials and experience significant transformation to your skin.
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Laser Hair Removal

Get rid of unwanted facial and body hair once and for all! Safe and effective laser hair removal for men and women of all skin types, the Cutera truPulse nd:Yag Laser safely provides hair reduction by up to 95%*. This laser hair removal* treatment replaces painful waxing and electrolysis and greatly reduces time spent shaving. Even better, you can return to your normal activities right away with absolutely no down...
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