Jet Set Laser Treatment

Laser Genesis repairs and regenerates damaged skin with this tough love, zero downtime treatment.


The most results-oriented facial experience. Energy infused into the skin increases collagen and elastin production, minimizes pores, kills acne bacteria, diffuses redness, evens skin tone and minimizes fine lines and wrinkles. Custom exfoliation, serums, and masks accompany this energizing facial. 60 minutes

About Laser Genesis

There is a way to possibly reverse sun damage and aging skin using a unique laser skin treatment. By using Laser Genesis, ImageWorks Skin & Laser is able to promote a healthier and more vibrant complexion.

Laser Genesis works by heating, improving and stimulating collagen production within the middle layers of your skin by using a laser. With this gentle, non-invasive laser, your body will respond, triggering its natural healing capabilities. You will experience skin rejuvenation, This laser skin treatment will tighten your skin and you will see fine lines disappear and pigmentation even out. You can feel and look like a red carpet star, in no time at all.


While Laser Genesis is a non-invasive laser skin treatment, it is a fast procedure. Laser Genesis may help restore your skin’s natural glow and youthful appearance.

How many times do I need to schedule this treatment?

At ImageWorks Skin & Laser, we suggest that you come in for four to six laser skin treatments to achieve maximum results. We also advise that you keep an ongoing schedule of treatments to maintain the improvements you see.

How do I know if this treatment is right for me?

If you are looking for a safe, quick, and effective laser skin treatment that tightens skin, and rejuvenates, then this treatment is perfect for you!

What should I expect when I come in?

With Laser Genesis, you will not have to use ice, gel, or any anesthetic before your laser skin treatment. You will be asked to remove any makeup and/or moisturizers, and in some cases, you may be asked to shave the area treated. Your technician will inform you of what you need to do before your scheduled appointment.

Many patients report that the procedure is, in fact, relaxing and therapeutic. During your skin tightening treatment, you should feel a warming of your skin and that is it! You can return to your normal activities as soon as it’s complete.

What improvements will I be able to see?

Although improvement is not immediate, over the course of four to five months, you will see a very noticeable change in your skin’s overall appearance. Individual results vary, but you should expect to see fading of scars and redness, new collagen produced, and a naturally beautiful glow.

Are there any side effects?

Many patients report having no side effects at all. The most common side effect is a slight red tint on the target area, which vanishes in a few hours.

What can Laser Genesis treat?

Most commonly, ImageWorks Skin & Laser uses our laser skin treatment solely on the face and neck. Because of its ability to diffuse redness, laser treatment can reduce rosy cheeks caused by dilated capillaries or rosacea.

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