Amazing filler like results with no needle in sight!


Featuring the latest technology from Korea, Scullpla fills and plumps fine lines and wrinkles with my unique topical application. Instant results that last weeks with one visit and months with a small series. Quickly becoming one of my most popular treatments for anyone looking to dial back the years without an injection.

All About SculPLLA Filler Facial


With The SculPLLA+H2 Mask, you get Filler Effects with NO NEEDLES?  So… no pain – no downtime (that’s how I like my treatments!).  This amazing mask drives Poly-L Lactic Acid (the same ingredient used in Sculptra) the skin using encapsulated hydrogen. This star ingredient; the Sculptra injectable puts it in serum form with powerful stem cell extracts and is applied all over the face and neck and infused into the skin with a special topical agent – encapsulated hydrogen.  If you see wrinkles and sagging skin or even acne scarring,  this treatment can take do amazing things for you.  

This truly is a state of the art Korean Beauty!  And we all know how they are at the forefront of skin-plumping and lifting. Your SculPLLA mask will need 30 minutes to complete its infusion into your skin and while you wait you will also be treated to rejuvenating red light therapy under our Celluma Pro-light panel. Once the mask has cured it is gently peeled off and your skin is finished with ZO Skin Health products and a 30+ SPF sunscreen to help protect your plumper, tighter and lifted skin.

Infusing poly-L lactic acid not only gives an immediate de-aging effect but best of all, promote long term collagen production and improvement of the quality of the skin.  This mask lasts for 5 weeks.

For more information on SculPLLA check out this article in Harper’s Bazaar

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