How to Prep for Laser Hair Removal

How to Prep for Laser Hair Removal

If you have taken a look at our last blog and decided that laser hair removal may be right for you, that is wonderful news! The benefits of this procedure are amazing and can help keep your hair free for the rest of your days. However, like any procedure, there is prep work that must be done.

At ImageWorks Skin & Laser, our patient is to help women and men feel their very best when it comes to their bodies. We specialize in assistance with acne, skin care, laser hair removal, and varicose vein treatment. Our clinic in Calgary is leading the pack with upgrades in technology along with highly trained and passionate staff members.

Since you are considering laser hair removal, we wanted to give you a list on how to best prepare for the procedure

Avoid the Sun

When you know you are going for laser hair removal treatment you need to avoid the sun for at least 4 weeks prior to your scheduled appointment. If you have any trace of a sunburn we will not be able to perform the procedure. One of the best times to receive laser hair removal is now! Winter is best because the likelihood of outdoor activities is significantly less, plus the clothing you are wearing is covering up the majority of the body. There is another perk to starting in winter: You should be hair free by the time beautiful weather has arrived!

NO Waxing or Plucking

While shaving is OK and somewhat necessary. You are not allowed to wax or pluck the area before your appointment. The reason for this is the hair needs to be present so that the laser can pick up on the melanin within the hair follicle. Removing this damages the follicle which causes the hair loss. If you wax or pluck this removes the hair completely which makes the laser hair removal not possible. We do want you to shave the area you are getting waxed. Coming in clean shaven is a benefit for you and the aesthetician.

Wear Whatever You’d Like!

While some other laser hair removal requires you to wear looser fitting clothing due to the pain associated with the procedure, our laser is the best of its skin and is virtually pain-free! This makes it a breeze to come during your lunch break at work or even on a day off. You can virtually get our laser hair removal treatment before a date! We want your hair removal to be a pleasant experience and that is why we pride our clinic on having one of the best lasers on the market!

These steps will help make your laser hair removal that much easier. Come see why our Calgary clinic is the best in Alberta! Not only so we offer some amazing laser hair removal we also can take care of other areas of the body as well! We have some of the best treatments for vein removal, skin tightening, and even acne scar treatments. We offer Our staff is kind, professional, and experienced to help you achieve your laser hair removal goals. Schedule your appointment today!

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