My Skinprinicples

My Skinprinicples

I believe in using treatment devices, protocols and products with Health Canada approval, clinical trials and a wealth of evidence behind the brand.

And…“Finnis origne pendet”; the end depends on the beginning.

Your skin is your protective barrier from the outside world for our muscles and other organs. As our largest organ it has many roles, thermal regulation, sensation of touch, immune responsiveness, expulsion of certain toxins and vitamin D production.  Our skin guards us from pathogens and pollutants that create disease and imbalance, and environmental aggressors. This lifelong task requires it to be healthy, strong and resilient.

When our skin is healthy it is hydrated and balanced throughout the Dermis and Epidermis. This is delicate balance is maintained by protecting the outer layer from chemical and physical harm so the barrier function that makes skin such a complex organ functions optimally. However, it undergoes profound changes through the aging process. Sun exposure, smoking/vaping, disease, hormonal changes during reproductive years.  During illness, trauma and environmental exposures, scarring or other physiological factors can have a profound effect on its’ structure and appearance.

Every treatment should aim to control the factors leading to deteriorative changes in the skin, as most are controllable. Skin health can be restored and maintained by targeting different layers and cells within it to reverse sun damage and dysfunction.

How is the health of your skin protected?

Before a treatment, we go through an in-depth skin analysis which includes lifestyle, diet and current  regime to assess your suitability for treatment. This comprehensive skin analysis also includes taking relevant pictures which are updated at each appointment.

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