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Non Surgical Facial Augmentation has become an art. As men and women age, collagen production slows down, and inevitably leads to fine lines, wrinkles, and thinning lips and volume loss under the eyes. However, there are some other external reasons why our undereye, cheek and lip areas might not look as youthful as they used to. Lifestyle choices like Vaping/Smoking, pollution, sun exposure without SPF, and genetics all play a role in extrinsic aging. Aesthetic ImageWorks Laser & Skin Center provides Calgary residents with affordable advanced aesthetic procedures. Cosmetic injectables can help you rediscover your confidence without looking over done. Contact us today and schedule a consultation for your non-surgical augmentation today!  Consultations with our Register Nurse @thecosmeticrn Miss Nicole Hambley, RN and aestheticians are complimentary. The same rings true for areas that increase in volume as we age. Kybella/Belkyra are a non-surgical, FDA & Health Canada approved injectable for the reduction of fat in submental area – below the chin (double chin). The deoxycholic acid it contains is a substance also naturally present in the body, which helps fats to be absorbed by the body.Kybella/Belkyra destroys the fat cells which are then disposed of naturally by way of the lymphatic system. There is very little downtime and the patient can resume daily activities right after the treatment. There is some swelling in the post treatment area for 3-5 days. 4-6 Treatments are commonly recommended, and the fat elimination is permanent – those cells can no longer accumulate or store fat.

Injectable Treatments

Additional Services for Injectables

PRP or Vampire Facial

This Kardashian favorite is like the fountain of youth. Turn back the clock by using your own blood plasma, more specifically the platelet rich plasma (PRP). Nicknamed “liquid gold” by doctors and injectors alike, it is made up of protein growth factors that aid in cell growth and tissue repair. The Microneedling it is combined with provides quite dramatic results.


Belkyra is FDA and Health Canada approved and is the first non-surgical injectable treatment in Canada to reduce fullness in the area under the chin. Our registered nurse is a renowned injector with extensive experience and training.




Vampire Facial

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